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What is the Siccura Partner Programme?

The Siccura Partner Programme is an opportunity to be part of a privacy and security digital revolution. Earn rewards by recommending Siccura to your customers, friends and other contacts in your network. They’ll thank you for helping them safeguard their communications, data and privacy.

An Opportunity For All

The Siccura Partner Programme is an opportunity for anyone who wants to become part of a huge growth market, and earn flexible income tailored around their own financial goals. Whether you’re an individual, business owner, have friends or looking to uncover new contacts, then the partner programme is for you.

Why Become A Partner?

Joining the programme leads you into a world of opportunity

More Opportunities

Cyber Security is big business right now. In 2017, it was valued at $137.63 billion and is expected to exceed this. So, this is your opportunity to be at the start of a huge growing phenomenon. 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day, and 293billion emails are sent each day. Everyone knows someone who uses these services and is therefore at RISK.

Your Friends and Customers will Thank You For Recommending Siccura

Introduce an easy to use application that helps your family and customers protect their family’s right to privacy and take back control of their digital lives.

Be Your Own Boss

You work when you want, where you want and how you want.

Partnership Opportunity

The Siccura Partner Programme is an opportunity for you to start earning 25% commission on your direct sales, and subsequent recurring monthly subscriptions

Siccura Partner Rewards

Additional Perks

We believe in awarding and recognising our partners. That’s why we have a fantastic awards and recognition programme to motivate and inspire you to achieve greater success as a partner

How It Works?

Easy To Join

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Support When You Need It

Once you’ve registered and enrolled onto the programme, you’re given support throughout your journey from our exceptional training and from the growing community of partners.

Ongoing Sales Training

You’ll have access to all our marketing materials to help you promote the products effectively and get the most from the programme. The materials are available through the Partner Dashboard. You’ll always be notified by email whenever any new materials appear, so you never miss a trick.

Tracking System

When you join you will receive a unique tracking code. All your users /subscribers need to enter this code on registration. You’ll have 24-hour access to your own Partner dashboard where you’ll be able to track your progress throughout your journey, viewing users and subscribers who have entered your code.

Partners FAQs

Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn more.

What Do Partners Sell?

As a partner you'll be promoting and selling Siccura Family to your family, friends and network.

Siccura is a simple to use application which gives you and your family members total control of messages, photos, documents and calls. With Siccura Family, you decide who gets to read and share your messages.

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