Siccura Partners: A business opportunity for data protection


Siccura Business Partner Programme

Unique Products. Fantastic Conditions

Join the Siccura Business Partner program, add a new product range to your business, and get profit

What is the Siccura Business Partner Programme?

The Siccura Business Partner programme is an opportunity to be part of the privacy and security digital revolution. Earn rewards by recommending Siccura to your customers, friends and other contacts in your network. They’ll thank you for helping them safeguard their communications, data and privacy. Sign up to start journey with us.

An Opportunity for all

This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to became part of a huge growth market and earn flexible income to meet your own financial goals. Whether you are an established business owner or a small startup, this opportunity is for you.

Why partner with us?

Lucrative business opportunity, and caring support.

Endless Opportunities

Cyber Security is big business right now. In 2017, it was valued at $137.63 billion and is expected to exceed this. So, this is your opportunity to be at the start of a huge growing phenomenon. 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day, and 293billion emails are sent each day. Unfortunately with cyber threats increasing, everyone is at RISK.

Additional Income

Get additional income, with a chance of earning 30% commission by selling our Data Privacy and Cyber Security courses.

Your friends and customers will thank you

Introduce Siccura Cyber Academy courses to help families and young people become cyber aware, and cyber smart so they can protect themselves from the attacks.

Be Your Own Boss

You work when you want, where you want and how you want.

Partnership opportunity

This program will you a chance of earning 25% commission by selling our Siccura products on direct sales and subsequent renewals.

A product you will definitely fall in love with

In the current times we all know that data is the new oil. We all know the importance of data protection and prevention of data leakage. Siccura is a simple to use software which does just that. Combined with our revolutionary cyber security awareness and training solution called Siccura Cybershield we provide you the best solution to your data protection needs.

Our Siccura Cyber Academy provides a much needed cyber security awareness and training to young people. SUMs is an easy to use ERP solution for education institutions, which will make managing a schools/ colleges simple.

Our products are not just the need of the hour, but they are also simple and easy to use that you will fall in love with them


There are no sales targets however the more you sell, the more you earn.

Yes, our teams will provide you all the sales and support that you will need.

Yes, we will be providing you the product and sales training.

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