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Social Media

From social media banners, to post download from our even growing collection of social media posts.

From social media banners, to post download
from our even growing collection of social media posts.

Siccura Guard - Whatsapp Status

Use your Business Whatsapp account to make new product announcements to your contacts about Siccura Guard.

Siccura Guard (LinkedIn)

Download these posters and let your LinkedIn connections know how you can help them protect their Tally data.

Siccura Guard (WHATSAPP)

Do you have a WhatsApp business account? Download these Whatsapp poster and let your contacts know how you can help them protect their Tally data.

Siccura - 360 degree solution (LinkedIn)

Make use of your LinkedIn connections, and share this poster as a story, or a post to let your network know you have more products to offer.

Vaccination Certificate Scam

Avoid uploading vaccination certificate on any social media platforms as profile picture or status as it would be easy for the fraudsters to trap you and misuse your details.

Siccura - 360 degree solution (WHATSAPP)

Do you have a WhatsApp business account? Make use of Whatsapp status by uploading this poster onto the account and letting your clients and customers know that you have more products to offer.

Delhi Police Warns Users about SMS Numbers

Fake SMS claiming your SIM will be blocked due to KYC issues. Beware of these numbers (7477363804, 7815059531, 7604015471, 7478388287 and 7063658227)

Don't worry with Siccura Guard

Never have to worry about your Tally data being stolen, compromised or lost - Siccura Guard protects it 24/7 365 days.

Job Scam

Cybercriminals pose as real employers and interview applicants, eventually asking them for their personal information and payments. To protect against employment scams, research the company by its name only. If multiple websites with similar names show up, that may indicate the job listing is fake. Also, companies typically ask for bank account information after hiring applicants, not before. Stay Safe, Stay Alert!

Beware Of Oxygen Checker Scams

As frequent blood oxygen level checks are vital in monitoring the health condition of Covid-19 patients, be alert and do not rush in downloading apps that offer to check blood oxygen level, these apps can even hijack your biometric as well other confidential data from your smartphone. The authenticity of the apps that provide reading of blood oxygen level have not been verified by any technical or medical body. Any app which claims to measure oxygen level by camera or fingerprint scanner should be considered fake. Stay Safe, Stay Alert.

Siccura Cybershield Promo

Most employees in your organisation will be a cyber-risk because cybercriminals are not going after computer systems anymore. They are going after employees into get into the business networks.
Our lack of awareness, distractions and pressure at work can make us vulnerable to these types of attacks. But organisations can do more to help their teams. That's where we can help you.
Siccura Cybershield is an interactive, fun security and data protection awareness training programme that turns employees into front line defenders.
To find out more, visit our website

Medicine Scam Alert

With India facing a deadly second wave of Covid-19, scamsters are finding unique ways to cash in on the situation. In a recent incident, it is said that fraudsters are calling people, claiming to offer medicines. One needs to be aware about these situations to prevent from falling into the trap set amid the pandemic. “We advise people to verify these claims and take informed decisions” Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

Don't be like Andy. Siccura Guard it

When it comes to your Business, protecting your data should be your No1 priority. Don't make the same mistake like Andy. Protect your Tally Data with Siccura Guard. Promote Siccura Guard to your customers

Keep Tally Data Ransomware Proof

As Ransomware attacks increase for SMBs, it's important for business leaders to start looking after their data. Siccura Guard is a software solution that protects Tally Data.

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