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Partner Programme

Any individual or business can be a Siccura Partner providing the person signing up is over 18 years of age.

You can register as a Partner via the Siccura App, or via the website

No, everyone who joins the Siccura Partrner Programme receives the same commission structure , training and materials.

All partners receive 6 month’s free subscription (worth £209.70), access to product training, a sales & marketing resource area and your unique partner ID code. You also have access to your own personalised partner dashboard which allows you to view your referrals, subscriptions, and commissions.

The Commissionable Value (CV) is the Ex VAT price of the subscription fee. For example the Subscription is £24.95 inc VAT. The CV is £20.80

As a Siccura Partner you must first be an Active User of the Siccura product and have signed up to the Partner Programme. You will earn 70 % commission on the CV on the first month of a customer’s subscription and 25% commission on the CV of every subsequent month’s subscription. You will receive full product training, access to a full suite of marketing materials and access to your own personal dashboard
Sue subscribes for a family package at £24.95/month inc VAT in January. CV is £20.80
January commission is £20.80x 70% =£14.56
In February Sue continues to subscribe, February commission is, 25%x £20.80 = £5.20
As long as Sue continues to renew her subscription you will receive £5.20/month
For every new subscriber you recruit, you receive a further month’s free subscription.

Active Users have not paid for a subscription. They are either using a Free version of the product, or else they may have used a promotional code to get access to premium features that are only usually available to paid subscribers. As an Active User, you use your Siccura App on a daily basis.

The Dashboard is a personal area within the Partners tab that you access via the Siccura App. It will display information on your sales, commission/bonus earned allowing you to track your success and manage your business. It also allows you to view the commission owed to you in your wallet.

Paid Active Subscribers have paid for their subscription via the Siccura website.

You will have access to Login to our evolving marketing resource area on the Partner website. This area will provide you with materials to make your business a success. It is regularly updated. The types of materials included here include:
Materials to help you make sales to your customers, Materials to recruit other Partners, General Educational Materials on the Product and Market requirement, Educational Materials on the Programme

You will receive 6 months free subscription to Siccura Family, worth £209.70. If someone who attends your party takes out a subscription, you will receive a further 2 months free subscription.

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