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No, you do not need to pay to become a Partner.

The customer pays the Company for the product via the website. In the EU all prices include VAT at 20%

The cutoff date for orders to qualify for payment of commission is the last day of the month. The payment for an order must have been received in our account or we have received notification it has cleared by the last day of the month to qualify for that month’s calculation.

The commission and bonus calculations showing your earning for the month will be displayed by the 10th of the following month in your wallet on your personal partner dashboard or in the partners area of the app.

There is no minimum qualifying amount that you need to have in your wallet to receive payment.

Payment is automatic, you do not have to request payment.

Payment will be made from our account on the 10th of the month following sales, but this may take several days to reach your account.

Payments will be displayed in the partner’s wallets in £ (GBP).Payments will also be made in £ (GBP). If you are a partner who has registered in India, then the payment amount will be displayed in INR. If a partner wants to be paid in their local currency they must bear the cost of foreign exchange transfer.

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