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The ProgrammeOverview
Who can be a Siccura Partner?

Any individual or business can be a Siccura Partner providing the person signing up is over 18 years of age, and the partner qualification criteria has been met.


Are there different types of Partner?

There are 2 types of partnership. All partners receive access to product training, a sales & marketing resource area and your unique partner ID code. You also have access to your own personalised partner dashboard which allows you to view your referrals, subscriptions, and commissions.

What are the different types of Partnership?

There are two types of partnership:

  • Gold
  • Platinum


Tell me more about being a Gold Partner?

25% commissions on direct sales (level 1)

Receives lifetime commissions on direct sales (this includes subscription renewals)

Person does not need to pay for a Siccura Subscription to register as a Gold Partner.

Commission is earned on CV (Commissionable Value) of each product sale.


Note: Lifetime commission will only be given to the partner provided that their referral continuously renews their subscription, or makes a purchase. 

Alice (Gold Partner) recruits Bob. Bob pays for Siccura Family- Medio package every month. Bob renews his subscription every month. 

After 3 months of subscribing, Bob decides not to renew his subscription. 

After a couple of months Bob decides to subscribe to a pack. At this point- Alice will not receive 25% commission.


What is a Platinum Partner?

As a Platinum Partner, you must already be an active 12-month subscriber of Siccura 360 that has Siccura safemail, safecloud, safephoto and siccura safepass or Siccura Suite. You will earn Lifetime recurring Commissions for each paid subscriber. The level of commission is 25% on your Direct sales, including renewals. In addition, you will be eligible to be paid bonuses on up to 9 other levels of Indirect / Network Sales.


What is the Commission & Bonus Structure for a Platinum Partner?


  1. Diamond 25% Commission

  2. Ruby 7.5% bonus

  3. Emerald 5% bonus

  4. Sapphire 4% bonus

  5. Pearl 4% bonus

  6. Topaz 4% bonus

  7. Amethyst 3% bonus

  8. Amber 3% bonus

  9. Jade 3% bonus

  10. Opal 3% bonus

       Total 61.5%


What are Bonuses?

Bonuses only apply to Platinum Partners. They are the Commissions paid on up to 9 Levels of Network / Indirect Sales. To view the commission and bonus structure, please refer to “What is the Commission and Bonus structure for a Platinum partner?”


What is the Difference between One-Time and Lifetime Commissions?

One-time Commissions are those received the first time your customer subscribes. Gold and Platinum Partners are paid One-Time commissions.


Lifetime Commissions are those earned when your customers renew their subscription.Platinum Partners are paid Lifetime commissions.

What is the difference between Direct and Network Sales?

Direct Sales are subscription sales that you have made to your customers directly.

Network Sales are indirect sales that were made by customers or other contacts in your network. Benefit / Bonuses from Network Sales are only earned by Platinum Partners.

What is an Active User?

Active Users have not paid for a subscription. They are either using a Free version of the product, or else they may have used a promotional code to get access to premium features that are only usually available to paid subscribers. As an Active User, you use your Siccura App on a daily basis.


What is an Active Paid Subscriber?

Paid Active Subscribers have paid for their subscription via the Siccura website, or via one of the App Stores.


What is the Siccura Partner Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a personal area you access via Siccura App or Log in web portal.  It will display information on your sales, commission/bonus earned allowing you to track your success and manage your business. It also allows you to view the commission owed to you in your wallet.