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How long is the Partnership Agreement?

The Agreement is ongoing subject to the Partnership level criteria being met.

Do I have restricted territory?

No, you can market the products as far and as wide as you want. There are no geographical restrictions.


Can I sell other products and services?

Yes, you can sell other products and services that are not competitive to Siccura.

What happens if one of my customers wants a refund?

Subscribers are eligible for refunds up to 7 days after they pay for the product as outlined in the terms and conditions within the individual app. Your Commissions and Bonus payments will reflect in refunds.


Can I upgrade from one Partner type to another?

Yes. Please make a specific request by email to [email protected]

What happens if there are other partners working in the same country? How can I ensure I am paid my commissions and bonuses?

You need to ensure that your unique partner code is always entered whenever someone Registers onto Siccura.  If you recruit other partners to your network, they will get their own Partner code, but this will be linked to you and count towards your bonuses