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Why is Siccura using Encryption?

We believe that your communications and data should be protected from the moment you create it. Siccura is using Encryption technology to ensure that all your Emails, SMS, Instant Messages and data that you send and share through the software is fully protected and unreadable for third party service providers.

What data is encrypted?

Siccura encrypts all the Instant Messages, SMS, Emails and files that you share within the software. We also encrypt and convert into undecipherable number which we call “Hash values” the data that you had entered at the time of registering onto Siccura.

Your name, mobile number and email addresses that you had set for password recovery purposes are converted into Hash values so that we and nor anyone else can identify it.

Are emails from Siccura users encrypted in transit?

Siccura is an end-to end encryption solution. All emails or any other content that is sent through Siccura is end to end encrypted and will remain encrypted even as it travels to the recipient. Your content remains encrypted even when the message has reached its destination on Siccura. It will only decrypt once the recipient has opened the message to read or view the content.