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GeneralBackup and Restore
What is a Back Up Key?

When you register onto Siccura a pair of encryption keys (Private and Public) keys are generated. The private key remains in the app, and it is the one that we advise to be backed up. The Private key unlocks all your messages and content within Siccura. Without this key, your communications and content will remain encrypted and undecipherable even within Siccura.

We advise you to take a backup of this key if you want to register onto the app on another device. You will be able to store your backed up Private key on our cloud storage or one of your choice. However, we cannot guarantee the security protocols of third-party.

Why do I need to take a Backup of my Key?

We advise that you take a backup of your private key and store it for safety on our cloud storage, or somewhere of your choice.

By taking a backup of your Private Key, the next time you register onto Siccura on another device, the key will be restored for you to read all your messages and data that had previously been exchanged.

How do I take a backup of my Private key?

To take a backup of the encryption key please follow the instructions listed below:

  • Go into Settings, and tap on “Backup Key”
  • You’ll be prompted to choose an area where you want your keys to be stored once they have been successfully backed up.
  • You can store your keys on the Cloud storage we provide, or one of your choice.
  • Once you have decided where you want to store your backed-up keys, you will be asked to create and set a password.
  • Once the keys have been backed up you will be able to locate the folder in that area.

The next time your register onto Siccura on another device, the app will ask you whether you want to restore your keys. If you select “Yes”, you will need to enter the password that you have created at the time of taking the back up. Once you have entered the correct password, your keys will be restored into account sitting on your new device.


How do I restore my Private keys?

The next time you download and register onto Siccura you will be asked whether you want to restore the keys. If you choose to restore your keys, you will be prompted to enter the password you had created at the time of taking the back up.

If you stored the Private Key back up on Cloud box, then the application will only ask you to enter your Encryption password to unlock Private key and let it move into the new account.

If you had stored the Private key on a third-party store provider, then at the time of registering onto the application, you will be asked to select the provider that you had stored the key in.

Open the app and transfer the Key data from the third-party store provider into Siccura.