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Which products can I promote?

As a member of the Siccura Partner Programme you can promote any of the Siccura Personal or Siccura Suite products.


How do I become a user of Siccura Personal 360?

Go to the appropriate store (Google Play, Apple store) and download the appropriate app and follow the registration steps. If you have been referred by someone else, make sure and enter their referral code.


What is the cost of Siccura Personal products?

The basic Siccura 360 product is free.  Users pay for premium features and functions.

Full pricing can be found at

How do I make money when some of the Siccura products are free?

Users subscribe for enhanced features and functions. You earn commissions on these sales.

How do I become a user of Siccura Suite?

If you are a business, you can register as a User of Siccura Work via

Is Siccura free to use?

Yes, it’s free to download and use. However, it comes with limitations. To get the full experience of Siccura, you’ll have to become a Premium user. To subscribe to our premium packages, please visit the Pricing page.

What is My Siccura?

My Siccura is the solution for individuals to use. When you download and install My Siccura you are protecting and safeguarding communications and data that is on emails, Cloud storage accounts, SMS, photos and passwords.

What is Siccura Suite?

Siccura Suite is a solution for businesses of any size to protect their communications and data against modern day cyber-attacks. Any communications and data sent, received, stored or shared through the solution is completely protected. The data that passes through the solution cannot be visible to anyone other than those intended.

When businesses join Siccura, they have the ultimate control. Through a centralised system called Siccura Admin, the business decides which email and cloud data storage accounts should be synchronised and only accessible from Siccura. Through Siccura Admin, the business regains control of their employee communications and data.

How do the Siccura Admin and Siccura Work solutions work?

When a business joins Siccura for Business they will automatically get access to the Siccura Admin solution. The Siccura Admin solution is a centralised admin solution that enables the business to set up and manage email accounts, cloud storage accounts and employees.

Once the administrator configures the email, cloud and employees onto the system, each employee within the organisation will be invited to join and install Siccura Work The administrator who controls Siccura Admin will be able to assign features for employees to use on the Siccura Work application.

Siccura Work is simply an application that can only be controlled by Siccura Admin. Once an employee downloads this solution, they will only be able to gain access to email or cloud storage accounts based on what the administrator has provided them access with. This is how the company will be able to take control of their business privacy.

What is Siccura Admin?

Siccura Admin allows business admins to monitor and manage their users with ease and efficiency. With this application, admins can provision Siccura Work accounts by adding or removing employees from accessing their business emails or cloud storage accounts. Admins will also be able to monitor their subscription cycles and even keep a track of their employees’ day to day business communications and activities.

Through Siccura Admin, the administrators will be able to assign additional privacy, or security features for their employees use for their daily communications, as well as create and assign specific contact books that employees need access to.

To maintain the privacy of any business, the admins can monitor and prevent employees from accessing their business or cloud storage accounts when they are outside of the office environment.

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